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NIHR Barts Biomedical Research Centre

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


The NIHR Barts BRC is a partnership of Barts Health NHS Trust, Queen Mary University of London, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Trust, and St George’s University of London. 

The NIHR Barts Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is a partnership of Barts Health NHS Trust and Queen Mary University of London.  Both the BRC and CRF are part of the NIHR and hosted by Barts Health NHS Trust.

The joint Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy for the BRC and CRF sets out a vision for a research landscape that is welcoming, respectful, and supportive of all individuals, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstance. It provides a roadmap for achieving this vision through a set of goals and action plans. The strategy recognises that EDI is essential to make sure that research is responsive to the needs and priorities of all individuals and communities and will contribute to the health and wealth of the nation and beyond.

All BRC and CRF partners are innovators in the area of EDI. We are committed to embedding EDI in all aspects of the biomedical and clinical research they undertake.  We include those who undertake research; those who may also be involved in delivering it such as patients and the public, and those who will ultimately benefit from it.

This commitment incorporates equality of opportunity, elimination of discrimination and the promotion of good relations between all people, regardless of age, disability, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender assignment, gender identity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or maternity, marital or civil partnership status.

Further information relating to partner commitments and approaches to EDI are available via the following links:

Barts Health NHS Trust

EDI homepage and links to further information

Queen Mary University of London

EDI homepage and links to further information

St George’s University of London

EDI homepage and links to further information

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

EDI homepage and links to further information

The NIHR Barts BRC and CRF EDI strategy encompasses four main goals:

  • Goal 1: To foster a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion that values and leverages the contributions of all individuals and groups.
  • Goal 2: To address structural and systemic barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Goal 3: To attract, retain, and develop a diverse and talented workforce.
  • Goal 4: To promote EDI in all aspects of BRC and CRF undertakings including research design, methodology, analysis, and dissemination.

To achieve the goals of the EDI strategy, it is important that we work with stakeholders and partners across the research landscape, including researchers, institutions, funders, policymakers, and communities. It will also require a sustained commitment to accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement.

A SMART action plan that outlines specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound actions required to achieve the goals of the EDI strategy has been developed and can be viewed in the detailed strategy document (Annex 3).  The action plan will be a ‘living document’, which means we will monitor our activity and make improvements as we go along.

By following this EDI strategy, the BRC and CRF can become leaders in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in research, and contribute to the development of new, safe, and effective solutions to the complex health challenges facing the UK and the world.

A detailed EDI SMART action plan can be found in the full strategy document.

Large print version of this EDI summary page.



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