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The Conservative Party after Brexit

Cover of Tim Bale's new book, The Conservative Party After Brexit. It shows Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak against a black background above the title text.

The Conservative Party can lay convincing claim to being one of the world's most successful political parties. But has it now taken things too far? 

In this compelling and persuasively argued book, the MEI's very own Tim Bale - one of the country's foremost experts on contemporary British politics - takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the Conservatives' fortunes over the last decade. Since 2016, the Tories have transformed themselves from a mainstream, centre-right party to one built upon a combination of radical right-wing populism, free-market fundamentalism, and fiscal constraint. Can the party survive in its current unstable form? Or will it be blown apart by its contradictions, its factions, and the competition between leadership hopefuls? 

From the bombshell Brexit referendum throughout the chaotic premierships of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Liz Truss, and all the way up to Rishi Sunak's rise to power, Bale tells the fascinating tale of a party that, in just a few short years, has gone from nervous breakdown to top of the world - and back again.

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The Conservative Party After Brexit was launched at the Mile End Institute on Tuesday 18 April! Catch up on Tim's fascinating conversation with Carolyn Quinn (former host of Radio 4's Westminster Hour) here:

What people say about the book:

'Brings an admirable clarity to an incredible sequence of events' - Chris Mason, BBC Political Editor

'One of the most acute, witty, and historical informed observers of British politics' - Rory Stewart, former Conservative cabinet minister and co-host of The Rest is Politics podcast

'Absolutely gripping - some of it I read through my fingers like a horror story, but I couldn't put it down' - Amber Rudd, former Conservative cabinet minister

'A careful, immaculately constructed, balanced, and convincing account' - Andrew Marr, Political Editor of the New Statesman

'A dream book for those who relish a gripping narrative combined with illuminating analysis' - Steve Richards, host of Rock & Roll Politics

'Essential reading to understand where the Conservative Party is today' - Isabel Hardman, Assistant Editor of The Spectator

'A rare combination: gripping and erudite. A triumph of objectivity and pace' - Gary Gibbon, Political Editor of Channel 4 News

'Tim Bale provides a masterly account of the twists and turns in the fortunes of the Conservative Party since the Brexit referendum. For anyone who wants to understand the desperate position in which the party now finds itself, this book is an essential guide' - Professor Andrew Gamble, University of Sheffield

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