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Mile End Institute

Tom Chidwick


MEI Manager

Twitter: @TomChidwick
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-4pm


Tom is the Manager of the Mile End Institute and oversees all of the Institute's operations. He is responsible for planning the Institute's events programme, and identifying new partnerships and research projects, as well as the Institute's marketing and online profile. He also represents the Mile End Institute at meetings with internal and external stakeholders as well as public events. 

In addition to his duties at the Mile End Institute, Tom continues to pursue his own research on Britain's contemporary political history. He is currently writing a book on the 1 March 1979 referendum on the creation of a Scottish Assembly and is contributing to a new edited collection on Women, Power and Politics in Britain from 1945 to 1997, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2025. 

He writes a fortnightly column for Scottish Review, is a regular contributor to Tides of History, and is a member of the Management Committee which oversees the running of Arundells (Sir Edward Heath's home) in Salisbury. In July 2023, Tom was elected an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


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