Report highlights how organisations can advance BAME talent in the workplace

A researcher from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has launched a new report which sets out ways companies can increase black, Asian and other ethnic minority (BAME) talent in the workplace.

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Credit: Steve Dunlop
Credit: Steve Dunlop

The Middle Research: Progressing BAME talent in the workplace through collaborative action’ led by the School of Business and Management’s Dr Doyin Atewologun explores the barriers faced by ethnic minority managers in the workplace and the ways organisations can overcome this and advance BAME talent.

Advancing BAME Talent

The report, commissioned by the Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards), gathers fresh insight from stakeholders within large private sector organisations operating in the UK, and offers recommendations as well as data to companies on how they can increase BAME professionals’ progression.

It also focuses on the lack of ethnic minority professionals at the very top of organisations, such as executive boards, and the challenges they face attempting to get out of middle management.

Dr Atewologun said: “The Middle Research has engaged all key stakeholders in the workplace and our recommendations should enable business leaders to begin to develop meaningful strategies that will work in the long-run to ensure that employees of all backgrounds can thrive.”


The action research collaborated with Human Resource Directors, Diversity & Inclusion teams, Diversity Committees, Executive Committees and Employee Networks from 30 significant corporate companies and regulators to provide a holistic review of corporate culture and accountability.

Academics and practitioners also worked on the research for maximum impact and practical relevance to industry, including making the report accessible and user friendly.

Dr Atewologun said: “Our study is a great example of collaboration between academics, corporates and senior business people. We want to bring the richness and insight of lived experience into our research.”

Monica Chadha, External Member of the QMUL Council, added: “As the Research Lead for the BBBAwards, Doyin is to be commended on tackling a difficult subject and producing an invaluable piece of work that seeks to advance the BAME talent agenda by addressing the 'middle'. Only then can we have a serious conversation about the boardroom.

“I urge everyone to read this flagship report who earns his or her living giving advice to organisations, or steering them.  Together we can overturn the status quo by having conversations that are daring, determined and data-led.”

The report was launched on 19 September to an audience of over 200 and was hosted by Bloomberg.

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