QMUL takes part in Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015

PhD students from QMUL’s Media and Arts Technology (MAT) programmes as well as representatives of the School of Law take part in the popular festival.

13 May 2015

This week the annual Digital Shoreditch festival is running in East London. QMUL was a founding partner of the celebration of London’s creative, technology and entrepreneur community and continues to play a key part in the festival which takes place not far from our Mile End campus.

This year QMUL was represented on festival panels covering the intersection between art, fandoms and intellectual property in the fashion industry and branding; the value of hackathons; and digital law.  School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science PhD student Pollie Barden also gave a talk about her innovative project to get older people using the internet by linking them up with a local running club.

Throughout the week the basement entrance to the festival is hosting a showcase of the exciting work coming out of the MAT programme. ‘The Distant Heart’ Yulia Silina’s project that uses internet connected jewellery to unite partners in long-distance relationships, and Lida Theodorou’s 12-way mirror installation, which is a collaboration with a local business to create a mirrored window display in which the mirrors are constantly angled to directly face the customer, are making their second appearances at Digital Shoreditch events.

Lida Theodorou is also working, along with Alessia Milo, on ‘Odette’, a fun experiment in which a pair of wings respond to visitor movements to explore perceptions and is dramatically lit in a hidden room of the atmospheric basement of the showcase’s iconic Shoreditch Town Hall location. Alessia’s second installation ‘Drops of Sounds’ uses the sounds of visitors to project drops of light on the walls as they pass.

Also exhibited are Evan Morgan’s LuminUs headset that gives musicians feedback on their collaborators’ motion or gaze; Axia, a collaborative kinetic sculpture based on the golden ratio, also popular with Renaissance artists; and Antonella Mazzoni’s gloves that give vibration feedback to hearing-impaired film viewers.

The showcase runs until Friday 15 May and is open to the public.

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