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Centre of the Cell hosts half-term science fun

100-year-old killer diseases and an interactive show about the heart come to Centre of the Cell, QMUL’s science education pod in Whitechapel, this half-term.

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On Monday 16, Wednesday 18 and Friday 20 February, families can uncover 100 years of miraculous medical history in the East End with Sores, Spores and Sickly Bugs. They can discover just how dangerous surgery was in 1915 as they prepare for a leg amputation, and find out about the deadly diseases that stalked Edwardian Whitechapel.

On Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 February, Centre of the Cell hosts In a Heartbeat, a family show all about the human heart - what it does, how it works and how it manages to push so much blood around your body.

Both events also include the opportunity to take part in a ‘Pod session’ inside Centre of the Cell’s cell-shaped Pod, suspended over the laboratories of the Blizard Institute at QMUL. Once inside, visitors will learn about the amazing world of cells, the human body and the latest medical research. They can try their hand at virtual experiments, heal extensive virtual burns, have their cells counted, study real body parts and diagnose cancer using high-power microscopes.

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