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Centre of the Cell hosts half-term Halloween science fun

Vicious vampires, microscopic monsters, deadly diseases and an interactive trauma show come to Centre of the Cell, Queen Mary University of London’s science education ‘Pod’ in Whitechapel, this half-term.

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Family-friendly, Halloween-themed Vicious Vampires, Microscopic Monsters and Deadly Diseases workshops will run on Monday 28, Tuesday 29 and Thursday 31 October, exploring how vampire bats are able to suck your blood, how many teeth a werewolf has, how to spot disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and how Dr Frankenstein could build a monster out of cells. 

On Wednesday 30 October and Friday 1 November, Centre of the Cell hosts The Trauma Show – an interactive science workshop pumped full of amazing facts and demonstrations about blood, what happens to the body when too much blood is lost, and how lives can be saved after major injuries.

The Trauma Show has been developed in partnership with Queen Mary’s Trauma research team. Led by Professor Karim Brohi, the team is based in the Blizard Institute and at The Royal London Hospital – one of the busiest trauma centres in Europe. 

Both workshops also include the opportunity to take part in a ‘Pod Show’ inside Centre of the Cell’s cell-shaped ‘Pod’, suspended over the laboratories of the Blizard Institute. Once inside, visitors will learn about the amazing world of cells, the human body and the latest medical research. They can try their hand at virtual experiments, heal extensive virtual burns, have their cells counted, study real body parts and diagnose cancer using high-power microscopes.

Halloween costumes are encouraged!

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