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QM students to show the world why London is a top city for study

Two students from Queen Mary, University of London, have been given symbolic keys to the capital city, in a new initiative that aims to show why London is the world’s best study destination.

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Zafar Khurshid (centre) and other London Ambassadors being handed their 'key to the city'
Zafar Khurshid (centre) and other London Ambassadors being handed their 'key to the city'

Zafar Khurshid and Stephanie Clemens are among 30 London-based American and Indian students taking part in a series of learning and networking events and behind-the-scenes tours. The students will have unprecedented access to the city’s iconic organisations and attractions, in a programme designed to show international students the unrivalled opportunities a vibrant, multicultural city such as London can offer.

Zafar, who is studying for a Master of Laws (LLM), and Stephanie – working toward her BSc in Business Management – will act as ambassadors for London, in an initiative launched last week by London Universities International Partnership (LUIP) in collaboration with the Mayor of London’s international promotional agency, London & Partners.

The students will communicate their experiences to a global audience through their blogs, tweets and videos.

The chosen ambassadors will benefit from a series of tours of classic London icons and museums; a ‘boot camp’ on leadership and entrepreneurship; and a chance to experience what it is like to work in London’s world-leading creative and financial industries. For a true taste of the city, they will also be meeting Fortnum and Mason’s international buyer for a beginner’s guide to the world of tea.

Zafar comments: "I am enthusiastic about sharing my experience of living and studying in London with my fellows and colleagues, both here in London and back home in India. I think it's going to be a challenging and exciting year ahead and I hope my journey helps others decide to come here and expand their own personal horizons. I am truly grateful to Queen Mary and LUIP for this great opportunity."

As successful alumni, the students will play a crucial role on their return home, working with London & Partners to continue promoting London as a destination for study.

Stephanie, who is also known as Gracie, adds: “Queen Mary is a great university. I love how cultured the students are - you can learn something from everyone because there are so many different backgrounds. After finishing my BA in Business Management I'd like to work in marketing or advertising here in London and enjoy as much of this city as I can.”

Gary Davies, Chair of LUIP, comments: “London is the world’s top higher education study destination with over 110,000 international students from 210 countries. It has nine universities in the world top university rankings - more than any other city in the world. But international students studying here get more than just a universally recognised qualification; our ambassadors will be able to experience first-hand the advantages studying in a global city rich in cultural heritage brings.”

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