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New name for top cancer centre

Queen Mary’s Institute of Cancer will today (Wednesday) be renamed the Barts Cancer Institute at a special inaugural research seminar.

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Professor Nick Lemoine
Professor Nick Lemoine

The new name has been chosen to differentiate the Institute from other cancer centres and to capture its links to the historic Barts hospital.

The Barts Cancer Institute is in the top five cancer research centres in the UK and is a Cancer Research UK ‘centre of excellence’. Barts hospital is the oldest remaining hospital in Great Britain and was recently rebuilt to create a state-of-the art centre for treating and caring for cancer patients.

The inaugural seminar will feature talks from top UK cancer researchers including Professor Peter Johnson from the University of  Southampton and Professor Nic Jones from the University of Manchester as well as leading academics from the Barts Cancer Institute.

The Instiute’s Director Professor Nick Lemoine said: “Renaming the Barts Cancer Institute will make us part of the hospital’s rich heritage and at the same time help us build on our excellent reputation for quality research.”

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