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Students to build a bionic man for National Science and Engineering Week

Students from across London will converge on Queen Mary, University of London during the next two days to kick off celebrations for National Science and Engineering Week.

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A variety of hands-on activities are planned, including sessions for students to learn about how mammals, and humans in particular, ‘communicate’ – this year’s National Science and Engineering Week theme.

Students will also have a chance to explore the interactive exhibition which involves building a bionic man using hip replacements, artificial heart valves and tissue-engineered skin, and interacting with life-sized avatars as they mimic behaviour.

Queen Mary’s Outreach Manager, Laura Thomas, who is organising the celebrations for National Science and Engineering Week, said: “The hardest thing students will probably find is trying to pick which session to go to – they are all so exciting and interesting.”

Other sessions organised for March 16 and 17 include:

From Web to Grid - School of Physics
Students will discover the roots of the world wide web in particle physics and how grid computing is used in the search for the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider.

Internet Communication - School of Mathematical Sciences
Using mathematics to investigate how computers speak to each other. In groups students will mimic the behaviour of messages using coding and various mathematical techniques.

Artificial Intelligence - School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
This session will look at artificial intelligence, the field of science that tries to build “thinking machines” - how are they built, what they can do and what they can’t do yet.

Mother-offspring vocal recognition in mammals - School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Students will discover how mother and offspring mammals recognise each other using sounds and examples from recordings and experiments.

Queen Mary staff will also be available to answer questions about applying and going to university. You’ll also find information available on the careers open to science and engineering graduates.

For more information about Queen Mary’s activities and the exhibition for National Science and Engineering Week visit

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