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Ofcom Chairman gives annual Peston Lecture at Queen Mary

Lord (David) Currie of Marylebone, the outgoing Chair of Ofcom – the UK communications regulator - will deliver the annual Peston Lecture at Queen Mary, University of London, on Wednesday, 25 March, 2009.

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Lord (David) Currie of Marylebone
Lord (David) Currie of Marylebone

In ‘Markets, Regulation and Governance’, discussion will focus on the principles of regulation in financial markets and other fast-moving sectors such as communications, in the light of the current economic meltdown.

Lord Currie will ask and seek to answer the question of where the roots of the current crisis lay and where responsibility should be ascribed.

“Consideration will be given to governance arrangements both in the private sector and in relevant parts of the public sector, including the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority (FSA),” explained Lord Currie.

“The talk will also highlight the challenges of re-thinking regulation while avoiding the risk of a major extension of the regulatory state, which could well hinder recovery and prove damaging to longer term economic growth,” he added.

Since joining Ofcom as its inaugural Chair in July 2002, Lord Currie has been instrumental in establishing its strong reputation within the sector. He steps down after Easter 2009, following two terms at the helm.

A former Professor of Economics at Queen Mary (1972 – 1988), Lord Currie had had a distinguished career in economics spanning over 30 years, with roles in academia, the private sector, regulation and government.

He was also Professor of Economics at London Business School (1988 – 2000); and Dean of Cass Business School (formerly City University Business School).

David Currie has also published widely, and his books include Rules, Reputation and Macroeconomic Policy Coordination (1994), North-South Linkages and International Macroeconomic Policy (1995), The Pros and Cons of EMU (1997) and Will the Euro Work? (1998). He sits on the cross benches in the House of Lords as Lord Currie of Marylebone.

The Peston Lecture takes place on 25 March 2009, 6.30pm, in the Skeel Lecture Theatre, People’s Palace, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS.

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