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The Injustice of Gentrification

When: Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Sofa Room (1st floor), Department W, Queen Mary University of London, 81 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ


Dr Joe Hoover's (School of Politics and International Politics) public talk

Joe Hoover is a reader in political theory in the School of Politics and International Politics at Queen Mary. His research draws from both agonistic political theory and a critical reading of American Pragmatism, especially the work of John Dewey. His current work reconsiders how we think about key political concepts such as legitimacy, justice, rights, and citizenship, using the city as both a site for theorising and a focal point bringing multiple political concerns together.

In this talk, Joe will discuss his latest article and book chapter, The Injustice of Gentrification, in which he reflects on what the spread of gentrification tells us about the urban experience of injustice. Cities are always defined by arrivals and exits, by people coming and going, but gentrification identifies a particularly problematic dynamic of displacement, seen in diverse urban spaces across the world, and rooted in harmful inequalities of political power. By starting from the problems identified by city residents and urban justice movements, Joe proposes a normative evaluation of gentrification grounded in intersecting experiences of its negative effects, including exploitation, dispossession, displacement, marginalisation, and violence. Rethinking gentrification as a distinctive and encompassing urban injustice opens up important insights for addressing it.

This talk is part of a half-day workshop  "Intersectionality and (in)justice in the city".

Organiser by Estelle Broyer, PhD student (School of Geography), sponsored by the City Centre.

Image: Jonathan  Formento/ Unsplash

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