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Data Data Everywhere: The Dangers of Pervasive Surveillance

When: Thursday, February 29, 2024, 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Senior Common Room, the 4th floor, ArtsTwo Building, Queen Mary University of London, 335 Mile End Road, London, E1 4FQ


In conversation with IHSS Fellow Dr Daragh Murray (including Lunch)

A part of the IHSS Digital Lives Research Programme's monthly seminar series on urgent matters related to the digital world

AI is increasingly being used to make consequential decisions affecting us all - from whether we are eligible for bail or social welfare, to whether we are at risk of committing violent crime or defaulting on our mortgage. In order to be effective these AI systems are dependent on the collection of ever more granular data about each and every aspect of our lives. The question is, will this collection of data on our day to day activities and its use in a range of (highly) consequential decisions affect our behaviour? Will people change the normal course of their life because they are worried about the inferences that may be drawn, or the consequences if certain behaviours are observed. This potential change in behaviour - potentially affecting all of society - is what I call the unintended consequences of AI. This talk will draw on empirical research in an attempt to understand the chilling effects of surveillance, and will ask (I will ask, hopefully you have some answers) how we can protect those societal processes central to individual development and the effective functioning of democracy.

About the Speaker

Dr Darragh Murray is an IHSS Fellow and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law. 

About the series

The IHSS Digital Lives Research Programme members invite those interested in digital matters to a series of seminars that host invited speakers discussing urgent matters related to the digital world. These monthly seminars aim to continue the conversations we started last year, welcome others to the ‘network,’ and share news of ongoing research and future plans for the digital collective at the Queen Mary University of London.

For any queries regarding these seminars, get in touch with Dr Philippa Williams (School of Geography & Director of IHSS Research Programme Digital Lives ) at or Dr Cristina Moreno-Almeida (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film & IHSS Fellow) at

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