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School of History

History of Thought, Emotion and Knowledge

We have developed notable expertise in the study of the history of Science, Medicine and the Emotions. Thomas Dixon is the director of the interdisciplinary Centre for the History of the Emotions, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust. This means that our historians now play a leading national and international role in developing our understanding of emotions over time. This research overlaps with the history of medicine and science, where we specialise in two areas. We also support Papertechnology, the study of how physicians have learned their craft from 1500 to 1960. Staff working in Science, Medicine and the Emotions include Thomas Dixon, Rhodri Hayward, Colin Jones, Andrew Mendelsohn, Jenny BanghamEd Ramsden and Barbara Taylor

We have an internationally recognised reputation for the study of politics, both in history of ideas and political thought and the history of the practice and consequences of politics. Our expertise in political thought covers major thinkers such as Burke, Hobbes and Marx and also nineteenth-century liberalism, utopian socialsm and Victorian internationalism. We also lead the interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of the History of Political ThoughtStaff working in the history of political thought include Caroline Ashcroft, Andrew FitzmauriceMaurizio Isabella, Quentin Skinner, Gareth Stedman Jones, and Georgios Varouxakis.