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Revolutionising Tomorrow: A Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence with Queen Mary Experts

When: Tuesday, March 5, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Where: Zoom webinar

Welcome to Queen Mary University of London's Breakthroughs in AI: A Webinar Series on Innovation and Exploration!

Join us as we explore the forefront of Artificial Intelligence research, unveiling its transformative power across various projects.

Panel discussion with artificial intelligence experts

Our first webinar in the series is a panel discussion featuring six distinguished academics who will unveil the transformative power of AI across a spectrum of cutting-edge research projects.

Discover how AI not only enriches the academic journey for Queen Mary students but also serves as a catalyst for innovation, driving positive change in our society.

Join us as we peer into the future of AI, where possibilities are limitless, and together, we shape a world powered by imagination and ingenuity.


Profile image of Shalon Lappin

Professor Shalom Lappin from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science is a distinguished scholar in computational linguistics.

His research focuses on natural language processing, machine learning, and formal semantics, advancing understanding in areas like language evolution and cognitive modeling.

Profile image of Simon Lucas

Professor Simon Lucas is an AI and Games specialist, previously a Meta Research Scientist. He now heads QMUL's Game AI Research Group.

His work focuses on AI experimentation in games, emphasizing reinforcement learning and evolutionary algorithms. He's renowned for developing the N-Tuple Bandit Evolutionary Algorithm, soon to be open-source.

Profile image of Dr Ekaterina Ivanova

Dr Ekaterina Ivanova is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Human-Computer Interaction. Her main research interest is in multimodal human-robot interaction and haptic communication between agents as part of user-centred robotics.

Dr Ivanova's long-term research goal is to develop robotic systems for medical applications and solutions for robot-assisted motor learning in diverse fields that are designed with humans and for humans. In her research, she follows an experimental approach that is data-driven in developing new technology and quantifying user ability.

Profile image of Kostas Papafitsoros

Dr Kostas Papafitsoros is a lecturer in Mathematical Data Science. His research lies in the areas of Mathematical Imaging, Inverse Problems and their interplay with Deep Learning.

He is also a recognised researcher in wildlife conservation. He has recently initiated impact-oriented projects using mathematical modelling and AI towards conservation of sea turtles.

Profile image of Axel Rossberg

Dr Axel Rossberg is a reader in Theoretical Ecology and the Program Director of MSc AI in the Biosciences.

Axel's programme equips bioscience students with the skills to delve into the world of AI, bridging the two worlds together to develop technical skills for a rapidly-growing field.

Profile image of Guven Demirel

Dr Güven Demirel is a reader in Supply Chain Management and pioneers data-driven strategies in the MSc Supply Chain and Logistics program.

His interdisciplinary research delves into network dynamics, resilience, and sustainability, employing methods from network science, operations research, and game theory to optimise supply chains worldwide.

Future webinars

The panel discussion will be followed by several mini webinars to discuss different AI topics, including:

Through the discussion around those topics, we are hoping to draw a map of various routes that could allow students to succeed in the era of AI. 

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