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The Eizaguirre Lab

Welcome to Ana and Frazer new MSc students!

Today we give a warm welcome to Ana and Frazer another two of the students that joined the team this year.


With a new week, we bring you to meet Ana Martinez from Spain and Frazer Steward Bayliss, both MSc students on our Freshwater and Marine Ecology Programme. 

After Amelia and Carles last week, today you can know more about Ana and Frazer story here: 

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez MS Student

"I have always loved the sea and everything related to it, that is why I decided to study Biology at the University of Granada. After I had a good look at all the different paths Biology had to offer, I found myself dragged (once again) by the sea. I joined Queen Mary University of London in September 2019 for studying the MSc Freshwater and Marine Ecology. Here, I have acquired not only a whole new set of skills, but I have also found new interesting topics to explore, for instance, the topic of my master’s dissertation: methane derived carbon in lake food webs. In the future, I will like my research to contribute to end climate change."

Frazer Steward Bayliss

Frazer Steward Bayliss MS Student

"After completing my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Bristol, I realised I had a strong interest in aquatic environments, and therefore joined Queen Mary University of London in September 2019 to study for an MSc in Freshwater & Marine Ecology. My dissertation focuses on using genetic approaches to understand the population structure of Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Cape Verde Archipelago, and how the size of the nesting population may influence this structure. I hope that upon completing this MSc I will build a marine focused career, either within the UK or abroad."



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