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The Eizaguirre Lab

New Comer: Dr. James Gilbert

With a bit of delay, it is time to introduce Dr. James Gilbert, who joined us before the summer. Here is a short introduction from James: 


James Gilbert

I am working on projects that use bioinformatic approaches and genomic data to investigate the pathways involved in local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity, particularly with respect to environmental temperature. Using genetic and epigenetic data from loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) nesting on different islands of the Cabo Verde archipelago, we aim to identify molecular adaptations to each island’s unique thermal regime. We are also looking for evidence of plasticity in response to nest temperature in genomic data from hatchlings. Understanding the adaptive potential of the population will improve assessments of its vulnerability to climate change, and we hope that the dissemination of the findings will be used to support conservation efforts in loggerhead turtles and beyond.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our research in the Eizaguirre lab or have anything you want to share, please get in touch at  or tweet us @EizaguirreLab.



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