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The Eizaguirre Lab

New Comer

This month, the group expands again with new NERC DTP students. Here we welcome Sam and here are a few words from him: 


Samuel Shrimpton

Hi! My name is Sam. I am a London NERC PhD student working in the Eizaguirre lab at Queen Mary University of London. Before I joined the Eizaguirre lab, I undertook a master's at the University College London. There, I was lucky enough to work at both the Zoological Society of London and the Natural History Museum, where my research focused on the impact of illegal fishing on shark social networks and the evolution of frog eye size. For my PhD, I am working to understand how the spatial distribution of Loggerhead Sea turtles, comprising the internationally important Cabo Verde nesting aggregation, will be impacted by changing climatic conditions. We have deployed novel GPS trackers to collect high-resolution movement data, to identify the primary drivers of sea turtle movement. This will inform the parameterisation of predictive models, which will ultimately generate realistic simulations of how individuals may respond to future climatic conditions.




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