Coronavirus news

A mobile money transaction Blog: Coronavirus pandemic could hit the billions migrant workers send home in cash
20 April 2020

Professor Kavita Datta, Professor of Development Geography in Queen Mary's School of Geography has co-written an opinion piece in The Conversation in which she explores how the current pandemic could hit migrant workers.

NHS Nightingale Hospital London News story: Queen Mary and Barts Health launch Covid-19 research programme
17 April 2020

Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust, as part of their Barts Life Sciences initiative, have begun a new programme of Covid-19 research across Barts Health hospitals, including NHS Nightingale Hospital London.

Children living in poverty News story: Creative solutions needed to build social protection response to Covid-19 in developing countries according to new report
17 April 2020

An academic from Queen Mary University of London has co-authored a policy briefing, which sets out recommendations for combatting the economic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic in developing countries.

The World Health Organisation's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Blog: It's time to rally behind the WHO
17 April 2020

Catherine Fieschi, Director of Queen Mary's Global Policy Institute and a leading expert on populism, and Professor David McCoy, Professor of Global Public Health, argue that now is the time to rally behind the World Health Organisation in the wake of Trump's recent attacks on the institution.

News story: Meet the Queen Mary academics leading the debate on Covid-19 policy
6 April 2020

Our academics have expertise in a number of key areas relating to the coronavirus crisis, its implications, the strategy and its data. From social distancing to healthcare provisions, they have shared their analysis and advice.