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Stay safe, Protect one another, Keep learning

Student life at Queen Mary through the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost every aspect of society this year, and universities are no exception. Throughout all of the challenges, Queen Mary’s top priority has been to make sure that our students have a safe, high-quality learning experience. To fulfil this commitment, we’ve made sure that our campus environments, learning spaces and facilities are as Covid-secure as possible, and have developed an innovative ‘blended learning’ model to allow students to continue their education, whatever restrictions they face.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Queen Mary

Despite these efforts, the threat of Covid-19 remains very real, and there are inevitably cases among our community of staff and students. Up-to-date information about the number of active, confirmed cases among all of Queen Mary’s UK-based staff and students is published daily.

Latest information 

National lockdown until December 2

The Government announced a national lockdown for England running from 5th November to 2nd December.

The Government has been clear that universities should stay open, and that research and educational activities should continue, so our campuses, including study spaces, teaching areas, offices & research facilities will remain open and we’ll continue with our blended education.  

We are also keeping most of the catering outlets on our campuses fully open, recognising that students and staff use these to continue discussions about their research and education while eating and they are used as study spaces.  

Student travel in December

The Government have issued guidelines about students traveling over the Christmas period once the current lockdown restrictions have ended.

In line with this advice, students are free to travel home once the current lockdown restrictions are lifted, provided they have completed any self-isolation period they are required to because they have either tested positive for Covid-19 or have been close to people who have. Students may therefore choose to travel home earlier than the end of term if they wish. To facilitate this, in-person educational activities will stop at Queen Mary on 9th December, and all education activities from then to the end of term will be online. The University will remain fully open after this date, including our library, all study spaces, research facilities and University-run catering facilities, for the benefit of students who wish to continue using our campus and facilities over the Christmas period. 

It is vital that all students continue to check and follow all national and relevant local guidelines at all times.  

Other important information

Health services

It’s important for all students to look after their mental and physical health while at university to get the most out of studies and student life. All should make sure that they are registered with a local doctor’s surgery. Find out how to register with a GP.

If you live in Queen Mary accommodation or in the borough of Tower Hamlets, you can register with the Student Health Service, which provides a complete range of medical services including immunisations, sexual health advice and psychological counselling. Where possible, the Student Health Service offers out of area registrations, without home visits, for students who live in inner London. Learn more about accessing healthcare at university.

International students and travel

Comprehensive, up-to-date information about international travel, including the latest guidance on visas and immigration permissions, can be accessed on our Coronavirus Travel page.