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School of Business and Management

Advice, People and Resources

Staff from the School of Business and Management - and the wider University - are here to provide advice and support on your entrepreneurial goals.

Advice and People

Director: Dr Joanne J. Zhang is Director of the Entrepreneurship Hub and also Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. Her research and teaching interests are strategic entrepreneurship and innovation with a focus on technology and social ventures.

Faculty members: A number of staff members from the School of Business and Management have interest and experience in entrepreneurial activities. Meet our academic staff members

Advisory board: The Entrepreneurship Hub has an advisory board consisting of leading social innovators, serial entrepreneurs and alumni from the School of Business and Management.

Advisory Board logos
Advisory Board logos

The QM Business and Enterprise Society: society that fosters opportunities for QM students to explore their career options whilst building memorable and long-lasting relations with others. They establish valuable and significant lessons to create a community of innovators and business minded people. They not only provide guidance and insights into the business world and career perspective, but also create a diverse and inclusive environment which builds upon QM students’ initiative to reach their full potential.

Entrepreneurial Mentors: We are looking for voluntary mentors to nurture our student VCs during semester B.
Who: Experienced professionals with expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation, socially responsible and impact investment, venture capital and sectoral experts.
Time: It is expected that a mentor would spend around 1 hour per week, four weeks during semester B (Feb – April 2022).
How: You will be mentoring and coaching a small group of student investors. The teams have been given two specific tasks during semester B - 1) finding a potential student-led social venture to our investment committee towards the end of the term, 2) organizing a panel event on social entrepreneurship and impact. You will be providing guidance and feedback on how students approach their tasks. The mentoring sessions can be done either face-to-face or virtually.
If you are interested in becoming a mentor for our student enterprise projects, please email


Starting a start-up isn't always easy and the path isn't always linear. Find out what resources are available to support you on your journey and help make the processes easier.

How to start a start-up infographic
How to start a start-up infographic

Did you know that London has more than 100 start-up incubator and accelerators?

Depending on where your start-up journey begins, there is a range of resources out there which can provide support and advice. We have curated the top 30 resources that can help you take your start-up from idea to launch and beyond.

Download a FREE SBM Entrepreneurship Resource Pack [PDF 796KB] for your start-up.


Incubators in London
Incubators in London
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