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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Postgraduate Research Studentships

The School of Physical and Chemical Sciences offer a number of fully funded postgraduate research studentships to support PhD students each year.

Our PhD studentships are usually attached to a specific research project and cover the cost of tuition fees as well as providing a maintenance stipend. Funding is normally for up to 3 years at the UK Research Council level. Our studentship funding typically comes from the university, Research Councils, or other external organisations through research grants. Some of the funding available is limited to UK residents. 

  • STFC studentships
    STFC studentships can now be awarded to students from any country who satisfy the eligibility criteria. A full studentship lasting 3.5 years will cover the payment of tuition fees (in full for UK-based students, or in part for international students) as well as tax-free maintenance costs (£17,609 per year for 2021/22). For international students, studentships and other external sources of funding can often be used to cover the remainder of the tuition fees. Briefly, the eligibility criteria for a full STFC award are a good upper second or first class honours degree or a Masters degree. Applicants are advised to check the detailed criteria from the STFC website.
  • Queen Mary Postgraduate Research studentships
    Queen Mary offers a number of university-funded studentships each year across a full range of academic disciplines. These include the waiver of tuition fees and tax-free maintenance costs of around £17,609 per year (for 21/22). Students of all nationalities are eligible for these studentships. The allocation provided varies from year to year, so please consult the School of Physics and Astronomy PhD page for details of studentships on offer for the coming academic year.
  • CSC studentships
    Please contact the admissions tutor for the group you are interested to enquire about this award. More details on the scheme can be found here. Applicants considering a CSC studentship are encouraged to contact us early, and formally apply for a position. Important Note: The application deadline for CSC Studentships is 21st January 2022.
  • International studentships
    A number of other international studentships are available, but have specific eligibility requirements and application procedures. Please see the International Scholarships page for more information.

We also accept students via the following Doctoral Training Partnerships which offer a number of research studentships each year.

Alternative sources of funding for PhD studies

The School also welcomes self-funded PhD students or those with funding from external bodies. See our fees and funding page for information on scholarship schemes and self-funding a PhD.