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Book your place on the GRIT one-day workshops

The Grit 1-day Workshop is a unique, free, personal development programme designed to give you the best possible start at university and help you make the most of your time at Queen Mary University of London and beyond.

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Students studying together
Students studying together

This programme is being offered to undergraduate 1st year, foundation or students starting out on their university experience.

We have two workshop dates for you to choose from - both feature the same content, however one is online and one is in person. Please select only one and ensure you are able to attend for the whole day before signing up.

  • Thursday 3 November @ 10am-4pm (online/Zoom)
  • Wednesday 16 November @ 10am-4pm (in person)
    Octagon, Queens' Building, Mile End
    Lunch and refreshments provided

Book your space here -

Through your attendance, you can:

  • Develop a strong support network of university friends
  • Gain new insights into who you are as a person
  • Look at what it will take for you to be successful at university and achieve what you’re capable of
  • Understand the support available to you within and beyond the university

Course Details

With our trainers you will explore the 4 key areas, listed below, through a process of listening and sharing:


Connecting to others within the group, building a powerful sense of community and belonging which can be nurtured and sustained throughout your study period and beyond.

Expectation vs Reality

Investigate the relationship between expectation and reality, how this influences your behaviours and the power of choice.

Goal Setting

Explore the purpose and process of goal setting in relationship to your university experience. Identifying a goal for yourself, breaking the goal down to create an action plan and consider what support might be needed to achieve the goal


Reconsider the concept of ‘support,’ challenging the commonly held deficit-based understanding of support and identifying existing and new support systems available to you as students. As a group you will become a peer support network to each other and will be linked into accountability groups.



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