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Critical Legal Talks Series: 'Reconstructing Critical Legal Studies'

When: Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Where: Online

Keynote Speaker:

Professor Samuel Moyn (Yale University)


Dr Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa (QMUL)

Suggested reading:

Reconstructing Critical Legal Studies by Samuel Moyn, published in Yale Law Journal, Vol. 134


Samuel Moyn is Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History at Yale University. His work has focused on international law, human rights, the law of war, and legal thought, in both historical and current perspective. He has written several books in his fields of interest, including The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History (2010), and edited or coedited a number of others. His most recent books are Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World (2018) and Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War (2021). In this lecture, professor Moyn will revisit the critical legal studies movement and imagine its reconstruction.

This event is part of the ‘Critical Legal Talks Series’, an international collaboration between the QMUL Law Department, the Queen Mary Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS), and the Group of Critical Studies in Politics, Law and Society (PoDeS) at the University of Buenos Aires. The Series attempts to problematise the law and legal institutions from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective and provide a platform for discussion around global (in)justice for researchers aiming to bridge the Global North/South divide.

Contact details: Dr Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa, Queen Mary University of London –

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