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The Bigger Picture – A Visual Studies Roundtable

When: Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: BLOC Cinema, ArtsOne, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End


This event will consist of a screening of three episodes of Professor Brown’s PBS series The Bigger Picture in the BLOC cinema, followed by a roundtable conversation between Professor Brown, Dr Libby Saxton (QMUL, author of No Power Without an Image: Icons Between Photography and Film (2020)) and Professor Jeremy Hicks (QMUL, author of The Victory Banner: Cinema, Ritual and Repetition in Russia's Memory of World War Two (2020)), and chaired by Dr Guy Westwell. Professor Brown will reflect on his experience of documentary film production in general, and on the making of this web series in particular. There will also be opportunity to talk about the representation of history on film, and the central role of iconic images in shaping cultural memory. The event will be especially relevant PGR and ECR scholars across the humanities and social sciences who are interested in media work and public engagement, short form documentary/essay filmmaking, the representation of history, and iconic images.

Vincent Brown is Professor of American History and Professor of African and African-American 
Studies at Harvard University, and the co-founder of Timestamp Media. He is producer, writer and presenter of the PBS web series The Bigger Picture, which seeks to challenge common assumptions about iconic American photographs.

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