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Plan B for Funding Applications

When: Thursday, March 23, 2023, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Room 313 (Common Room), Laws Building, QMUL School of Law 335 Mile End Road London E1 4NT


The internal session will interest all colleagues in the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty who have submitted research funding applications or are planning to do so.

There are two categories of researchers: those who have had their funding applications rejected and those who are going to. Most of us fall into both groups. In 2021-22 colleagues in HSS were successfully awarded £4.6M in research funding and submitted approximately £56M worth of funding applications. This ratio is not a sign of collective failure; it is to be expected, given how competitive the major funding schemes have become. Many of those applications which were ultimately unsuccessful were shortlisted by funders and ranked very highly by external reviewers, indicating that they are excellent projects which should not be abandoned.

Therefore, finding ways to capitalise on the work that has gone into developing a strong funding application is a priority. This session is intended to help do this by hearing from colleagues who have developed a ‘Plan B’ for projects that were not successful in their first funding application. This might involve, for example, reframing the project and submitting it to another funder or finding some other way to take the research forward with reduced funding support, perhaps over a longer time period.

Lunch will be provided.

Please register via Eventbrite page.

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