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Biometrics, border tech, and human rights

When: Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Where: Online, zoom


IHSS Fellows Dr Keren WeitzbergDr Dimitri Van Den Meerssche and Dr Daragh Murray will discuss the human rights implications of biometrics and other forms of border tech for mobility and migration controls

Mary Gitahi, a member of the Just Tech and Migration Steering Committee, part of Oxford University’s Refugee-led Research Hub, and a lead researcher in Uganda studying refugee-led organisations in East Africa, will chair the panel.

Keren will discuss humanitarian biometric management systems in Kenya and other major refugee host countries, and their implications for border-making and refugee flows.

Dimitri will provide an overview of current developments in UK and EU border tech and their human rights implications (focusing on examples like the UK Cerberus program and the EU ETIAS system).

Finally, Daragh will discuss what human rights could offer with respect to a due diligence framework to guide whether or not to deploy tech at the border.

About the event

Everyone is welcome, but please register to join the webinar.

The event recording will be sent to all registered attendees a few weeks after the webinar.

About the organisers

The IHSS and Amnesty International, as part of the Just Tech and Migration Community, co-host this panel. The Just Tech and Migration Community brings together activists, scholars, and civil society groups concerned with the harms caused by technology for border control and migration management.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation provided the image.

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