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Learning from rejection: taking the rough with the smooth

When: Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Where: Online, Zoom

ECRs Network - Internal Workshop

Many of us see our peers’ achievements: be it a new job, promotion, grant award or a new publication, and although pleased for them, feel that we must be the only person not succeeding. Very few share the ‘lowlights’ along the way. With the pressure to ‘publish or perish’ coupled with low grant success rates and many journals’ high rejection rates, it’s no wonder that self-doubt and imposter syndrome are particularly prevalent in academia.

Our panel from across the Faculty will speak about their experiences of where an application or piece of work that they had given their all was not successful, and share their tips and techniques for dealing with, and picking yourself up from, knockbacks.


Dr David Veevers, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, School of History
Professor Morag Shiach, Professor of Cultural History, School of English and Drama
Professor Kate Malleson, Professor of Law


A recording of the workshop is available to view online.

ECRs Network

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences ECRs Network offers support to QMUL academics at the start of their careers. The Network hosts talks and workshops on various aspects of academic life, and provides opportunities for early career researchers across the faculty to meet and to share their experiences.


The ECRs Network is coordinated by Aurelija Povilaike, Claire Trenery, Monira Begum, Alex Nowosiad, Saritha Divikar and Sarah Saines.

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