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The Rhetoric of Freedom

When: Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: Postponed, due to COVID-19

Speaker: Eva Hoffman, Sam Leith

PLEASE NOTE: This event has now been postponed.

profile photo of Sam Leith and Eva Hoffman


Eva Hoffman grew up in Cracow, Poland, where she studied music intensively before emigrating in her teens to Canada and then the United States. After receiving her Ph. D. in English and American literature from Harvard University, she worked as senior editor at The New York Times, serving for a while as the newspaper’s regular literary critic. She is the author of Lost in Translation, Exit Into History, Shtetl, The Secret. and After Such Knowledge. She has also written for many journals and periodicals, and has lectured internationally on issues of exile, memory, Polish-Jewish history, politics and culture. She has taught literature and creative writing at various universities, including the University of East Anglia, MIT and Columbia. She has written and presented radio programmes, and has received the Prix Italia for Radio. Her literary awards include the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Whiting Award for Writing and an award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She currently lives in London, and works as visiting professor at Hunter College, CUNY.

Sam Leith has been Literary Editor of The Spectator since 2014 and is the author of several books, including You Talking to Me? Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama. His latest book, Our Times in Rhymes, is a “prosodical chronicle of our damnable age”- otherwise known as a witty and erudite dissection of political life in Britain in 2019.  He is a former Literary Editor of the Daily Telegraph, and contributes regularly to the Evening Standard, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Spectator and Prospect. He's the author of Dead Pets and Sod's Law, The Coincidence Engine and Write to the Point: How to be Clear, Correct and Persuasive on the Page. @questingvole

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Rethinking the Public series

This event is part of the IHSS and GPI Rethinking the Public series

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