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Global Public Investment for Equality and Sustainability: I

When: Thursday, May 21, 2020, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Where: Online, By invitation only

The first part of a two-part virtual roundtable series. The series is a discussion between economists, political scientists, public policy practitioners and others, to consider alternative ways of thinking about international public finance.

In a context where traditional official development assistance (ODA) is in decline, with many poorer countries graduating out of development aid, and with donor countries feeling the ongoing pinch of the post-2007/8 recession, now combined with the Covid-19 shutdown, what are the prospects for a more structured global fiscal regime: in which all countries contribute and all receive something back? How could novel forms of international public spending be raised and disbursed in such a way as to complement national public spending for development progress and equality? As major geopolitical and economic shifts play out across the globe, and progress towards the SDGs falls short, now is the right time to think boldly about how we might reshape national and international financial systems in line with a more sustainable vision of the international economy.

This event has been generously co-sponsored by the journal Review of Social Economy.

Please note: This roundtable series is a closed event.

Organisers: Dr. Simon Reid-Henry with Jonathan Glennie

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