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REAL-HEALTH Respiratory

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The REAL-HEALTH Respiratory initiative focuses on improved primary care management of common respiratory conditions with an initial focus on asthma.

The aim is to improve identification of patients who are at higher risk of hospital admission due to their asthma.


  • To provide practices with EMIS IT tools to support the identification of patients with high risk asthma based on prescribing records.
  • To optimise asthma management and prescribing with regular structured asthma reviews for those at most risk of hospital admission. 

Relevant material

(Click on the link to download)


Watch a five-minute explanatory video: ‘Reducing hospital admissions for Asthma. EMIS Web tools to support Primary Care Asthma Management’




Anna De Simoni, Sally Hull, Chris Griffiths, Paul Pfeffer, Jim Cole and Hajar Hajmohammadi

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