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Black History Month


Queen Mary University of London is committed to progressing and advancing Race Equality for its staff and students. 

There’s an ongoing need to collaborate around a shared common goal to achieve a better world for everyone. Diversity has been in the University’s DNA from our founding. 

We are proud to share resources that have been developed to support colleagues in progressing Race Equality locally and across the sector.  


Short Guide to Understanding Race and Ethnicity Language and Terminology [PDF 323KB]

This guide was created by colleagues in the Understanding and Celebrating Race and Ethnicity working group, a sub-committee within our Race Equality Action Group. This document aims to provide some context and information around different terminology and language relating to race and ethnicity. We know that the wide range of different terms can be confusing or overwhelming. A fear of saying the wrong thing can get in the way of having thoughtful, productive, and honest conversations about race and race equality at Queen Mary. 


Race Equality Toolkit [PDF 14,654KB]

 Queen Mary has developed this Race Equality Toolkit to support staff in implementing the University’s strategic objective – to be the most inclusive University of its kind by 2030. This Toolkit has been developed as one of a number of initiatives to highlight the importance of promoting anti-racist practices, valuing cultural diversity and in providing an appropriate and professional service to all people irrespective of colour, culture or ethnic origin. 



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