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Core Facilities

Core Facilities at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) are run by experienced staff who are able to help with experimental design, troubleshooting and data interpretation.

In some facilities, equipment is available for researchers to use, while in other facilities your experiment is carried out for you according to a service level agreement. All facilities encourage interaction between users and members of the core facility.


iLab is an online system for managing QMUL research laboratories and equipment that is designed to make booking these facilities more straightforward.

Using iLab you can: 

  • Book equipment
  • Submit a service request
  • View and agree quotes for  using facilities
  • Upload payment details

The service is simple to use. If you are QMUL staff or a student you can use your college login; if not, you can register for an account. 

Find out more about the iLab research facilities booking system at Queen Mary University of London. 

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