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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences


Two courses in practical research methods prepare students for higher level work and teach valuable transferrable skills such as critical thinking, data analysis and report writing. In the first year you will take Scientific Measurement and in second year you will take Physics Laboratory (depending on your degree programme and options you choose). Teaching is led by academics and supported by PhD students. The facilities available to you include a main lab with 46 spacious work stations, two optics rooms providing a further 11 work stations and 4 specialist vibration free surfaces for sensitive experiments. Experiments include innovative Arduino based data capture, robotics, X-ray diffraction and astronomical line spectra amongst others.

The laboratories are open access and we have two members of staff offering technical support for all physics students during normal working hours. Each work station has a PC with internet access and has an adjustable height function. It is a well funded resource with a mix of traditional and modern equipment.

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