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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dilara Güntürkün


Research Student

Room Number: Joseph Priestley Building, First floor



Project title: Bioelectronic Sensors – from Synthesis to Device

Supervisor: Dr. Christian Nielsen

Content: Organic bioelectronics, an emerging focus area within organic electronics, can interface soft biocompatible organic materials with biological systems to create the next generation of smart tailored biomedical applications. Organic bioelectronic materials typically comprise a hydrophobic pi-conjugated polymer backbone (for electronic charge transport) and hydrophilic side chains such as oligo ethers (for solution processability and ionic charge transport).

This project aims to investigate novel organic mixed ionic and electronic conductors to be applied in bioelectronic sensors. This will involve new organic materials design, synthesis and subsequent characterisation and device preparation. More specifically, the project will involve the chemical synthesis of pi-conjugated molecules and polymers for electrochemical transistor applications. The developed materials will be characterized by means of various analytical techniques such as optical spectroscopy, electrochemistry and X-ray diffraction.

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

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