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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Professional Experience Degrees

If you are not certain about what career path you want to follow, an extended internship or 'sandwich year' can be an excellent way to help you understand your options and make decisions about your future.

Who can do a Professional Experience internship?

Students studying BSc or MSci Physics with Professional Experience have the option to include a one-year paid Professional Experience internship within their degree programme.

The Professional Experience degree programmes are identical to the BSc and MSci Physics routes except for the addition of the internship year.

You would complete your paid internship during the third year of your degree programme (or fourth for MSci), returning to Queen Mary for your final year of study.

Yobota values its links with universities; we place university interns directly into our teams, train the up and give them real work to do. Our training can take up over half of a summer internship, therefore Yobota prefers year-long placements that are much more productive for both the student and the company.
— John Morris, Software Architect, Yobota (Financial technology)

Why choose a Professional Experience programme?

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Enhance your CV for applying to graduate jos
  • Develop business skills
  • Discover more about a potential career
  • Give context to your academic studies
  • Earn a salary
Molecular model

Apply for a Professional Experience degree programme

You can apply to our BSc and MSci Physics with Professional Experience programmes directly through UCAS using course codes F306 (BSc) or F307 (MSci)
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