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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Foundation Programme

Physics with Foundation Year


Students who do not have the required high school qualifications for admission to this degree, and students who do not meet their UCAS Conditional offer may be considered for the 4 year degree (foundation year plus the 3 year degree). 

International students with Year 12 or a completed international high school certificate qualify for the one year foundation programme commonly known as the ISEFP.

The foundation programme offers a range of transferable skills and an opportunity to improve on your knowledge content in relevant Maths and Science subjects. BSc and MSci Physics with Foundation Year offers progression to a range of degrees in the School of Physics and Astronomy, subject to academic performance at the end of the foundation year.

I like how the physics family at Queen Mary is really encouraging and supportive of each other. I know that my degree will equip me the skills and experiences that are applicable to a variety of jobs and are thought highly of by employers
— Ambereen Razak (4th Year Physics BSc), BSc Physics with Foundation Year
Physics Programmes

Physics with Foundation Year

You can apply to our BSc and MSci Chemistry with Professional Experience programmes directly through UCAS using course codes: FFX0
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