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IceCube observes neutrinos from a cosmic monster
13 July 2018

Congratulations to the team of researchers who have used the IceCube detector to observe for the first time a cosmic source of high-energy neutrinos identified as a distant blazar — a major new example of multimessenger astronomy.

VR6_100x100 SPA Neutrino Physicists Star in Royal Society Summer Exhibition
28 June 2018

A virtual tour of the inside of a neutrino detector will be a major attraction at this year’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, which runs from 2 to 8 July.

Wikimedia Commons v2 Prof. David Berman talks about Richard Feynman on BBC Radio 4
3 May 2018

Prof. David Berman of the School of Physics and Astronomy appears in an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives programme, in conversation with business entrepreneur Tej Lalvani and presenter Matthew Parris.

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Astronomy Unit Seminars
28 September 2018

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