School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Queen Mary to launch innovative doctoral training programme in Data Science and Engineering

    UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have awarded £1.6m funding to Queen Mary University of London for a programme to encourage people from non-academic backgrounds to pursue doctoral training.

  • Image of Parker Solar Probe. Credit: APL/NASA GSFC.

    Closest-ever approach to the Sun reveals dynamic origins of solar wind

    Queen Mary researchers were part of an international team interpreting ground-breaking results from the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft, which has flown closer to the Sun than ever before.

  • British Council Researcher Links Workshop 2019, SPA, 3-5 September 2019

    On 3-5 September 2019 Dr Andrei Sapelkin will be running the Researcher Links Workshop 2019 sponsored by the British Council. The workshop title is "Collective dynamics and pair correlations in atomic and colloidal systems across coupling regimes". The workshop will bring together top experts in the field of structure and dynamics in complex many-body systems. The aim of the workshop is to foster links between UK and Russian early carrier scientists (ECS). This workshop is a good opportunity for PhD and ECSs to show off their work, to get to know each other and to start collaborations. Some of the workshop events (mentor sessions, coffee, lunch, dinner) are only opened to the registered participants, but everyone is welcome to come along to the talks and poster sessions.  The workshop programme can be found here

  • BUSSTEPP 2020 to be held at QMUL

    We are excited to announce that the 50th edition of the British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Phyiscs (BUSSTEPP) will be held at QMUL Aug. 24 - Sep. 4, 2020. We have a fantastic lineup of lecturers. More details can be found here.

  • First Informal Seminar on DISCnet Job Placement

    DISCnet PhD student Joe Davies will give an informal seminar on October 25th 2019, about job placement experience, discussing the tasks and the techniques developed.  

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