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Health and Safety Directorate

Containment Level 3 – Practices and Principles - HS019

This non-accredited course gives an in depth understanding of the legal requirements for laboratory work and facility design features for high hazard pathogen work (at ACDP Containment Level 3, CL3). The course will identify operational practices, safety management principles and practices that enable safe working. The course presenter will provide short talks on the topics, which will be interspersed with small group exercises. 

Duration: Full day (6 hours) delivery time, In-person attendance, classroom delivery.


  1. Understand the relevant legislation underpinning high hazard pathogen laboratory work
  2. Understand the safety practices for high hazard pathogen laboratory work
  3. Understand the design and operation of safety critical features in the containment facility
  4. Understand and gain information to plan and implement safety management procedures, including emergency protocols for a facility
  5. Be able to conduct a risk assessment of work according to the relevant legislation and guidance

Certification:  Queen Mary delegates: Following successful completion of an online knowledge quiz on QMPlus (open book), a certificate of completion is generated to delegates. External delegates: a certificate of attendance will be forwarded following satisfactory participation in the group exercises.

Suitability: For research, technical and teaching staff and postgraduate students starting work at ACDP CL3, other staff (e.g. Infrastructure Maintenance) closely involved with CL3 facility operation, CL3 laboratory staff requiring a ‘refresher’ session.

It is normally expected that attendees have previously attended the QMUL ‘Working Safely with Biohazards’ (HS020) course (or an equivalent course at another Institution) and/or have an adequate basic knowledge of the biosafety elements of the COSHH regulations and the principles of risk assessment. If in doubt, please contact the HSD Helpdesk in advance to ascertain suitability.

Requalification / Refresher: Attend and complete this course once every 4 years as a refresher.

Bookings: Please book on via the CPD Platform, if you have any issues gaining access please contact the IT Helpdesk.

External organisations:  Open to attendees from external organisations but please note this course is geared towards Queen Mary and Barts Health NHS Trust requirements. There is normally a fee chargeable to other organisations see QMUL e-Shop for details. Please complete the External Organisation Non-Accredited H&S Training Request Form.

Further Information: If you require any further details, please contact the HSD Helpdesk.

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