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Health and Safety Directorate

Training Courses

HSD offer a wide range of health and safety training courses to Queen Mary University of London staff and postgraduate research students and, on request, external organisations.  To see which courses are currently being delivered and how, please study the course descriptions below.

Our scheduled health & safety training courses ensure that the training needs of Queen Mary are met. Staff and postgraduate research students must ensure that they fulfill all mandatory health and safety training requirements. The Health and Safety Training Policy outlines QM’s approach to mandatory training and explains how Schools, Institutes and Directorates should be utilising the following documents:

Non-attendance: Our courses are usually free for all staff and PhD students to attend. However, there is a cost to Queen Mary involved in this provision and every non-attendance of a booked participant impacts our resources. To counteract this, it has been agreed by the Vice-Principal for Teaching and Learning and the Chief Governance Officer that a charge for non-attendance can be imposed.


Please book on via the CPD Platform, if you have any issues gaining access please contact the IT Helpdesk.

On-line and Classroom based Training: is open and free upon registration to all QM staff and postgraduates (please note - certain nationally accredited courses provided may have a fee). 


External organisations: non-accredited H&S training courses are open to external organisations and bookable via the External Organisation H&S Training Request Form. Please note that courses are geared towards QM arrangements and there is normally a fee chargeable - see QM e-Shop for details.


H&S Training Course Descriptions 

Please see below for the course descriptions and further information of our H&S training courses. 

General H&S Training 

Health and Safety Essentials (HS044)

Fire Safety Awareness - HS012

Workstation (DSE) Assessment - HS009

Beginners Guide to Risk Assessments - HS007

Risk Assessment Workshop - HS001

Manual Handling and Lifting - HS004

IOSH Working Safely (1 day) - HS031

IOSH Managing Safely (3 days) - HS032

Laboratory Safety for Non-Research Staff - HS018


First Aid & Fire Marshal Training 

Fire Marshal - HS016

First Aid Awareness - HS039

Emergency First Aid at Work (1day) - HS034

First Aid at Work (FAA Level 3 Award) - HS035

First Aid at Work Re-Qualification (FAA Level 3 Award - 2 days) - HS036

First Aid for Lab Workers - HS042

Mental Health First Aid (2 days) - HS040

Mental Health First Aid Refresher - HS041


Laboratory Safety Training 

Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment (COSHH) - HS005

Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment (COSHH) REFRESHER - HS015

Working Safely with Ionising Radiation - HS006

Containment Level 3 – Practices and Principles - HS019

Working Safely with Biological Hazards - HS020

Working Safely with Biohazards REFRESHER - HS030

Laser Safety Awareness - HS022

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Training REFRESHER - HS027

GM Risk Assessment and Notification - HS029

Safe Management of Lab Hazardous Waste - HS024

 If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact the H&S Helpdesk.

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