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Health and Safety Directorate

Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment (COSHH) REFRESHER - HS015

This non – accredited course provides an update to the information provided in HS005.

It also includes a practical COSHH based risk assessment exercise using safety data sheets and will provide information on practical measures such as emergency procedures and waste disposal.

Duration: 3 hours.


  1. Understand types of hazards (hazardous substances) and note legislation covered by this course
  2. Identify hazards that arise from an experimental process
  3. Interpret safety data sheets
  4. Understand how to carry out a hazardous substance risk assessment
  5. Identify appropriate controls for hazards to minimise risk
  6. Understand the hierarchy of control
  7. Review a hazardous substance risk assessment

Certification:  An email certificate of attendance will be forwarded to delegates on completion of this course.

Suitability: This course is open to all Laboratory based QMUL staff and postgraduate students who have previously attended the HS005 Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment (COSHH) training course.

Refresher: Attend and complete this refresher course every 4 years. Please only book onto this course after 4 years have elapsed since previously attending either HS005 or HS015 training courses.

Bookings: Please book on via the CPD Platform, if you have any issues gaining access please contact the IT Helpdesk.

 External organisations: Not open to external organisations.

Further Information: If you require any further details, please contact the HSD Helpdesk.

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