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Health and Safety Directorate

Working Safely with Ionising Radiation - HS006

This non-accredited course is for laboratory users / potential laboratory users of ionising radioactive sources. The course is presented in compliance with the latest regulations governing the use of ionising radioactive sources. It covers elementary radiation physics; Queen Mary permits and requirements / local rules and management systems for working safely with ionising radiation sources; monitoring, ordering and disposal of radioactive materials.

Duration: 3.5 hours classroom time plus completion of an online knowledge quiz (open book) on QMPlus in attendee’s own time (approximately 30 min). The course is conducted by the Queen Mary Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) team and the Queen Mary Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).


To understand the requirements of the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 and the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016

  • To understand the use of radiation monitoring instruments and dose meters,
  • To be aware of personal dosimetry methodology,
  • Be familiar with the requirements of the Queen Mary permit requirements, policy, arrangements and local rules,
  • Be aware of safe methods for working with ionising radioactive sources,
  • Be aware of the Queen Mary inventory system for the receipt, use and disposal of ionising radioactive sources (IsoStock).

Certification:   A certificate of completion will be generated to delegates on successful completion of the QMPlus online knowledge quiz.

This course is not accredited by any training accreditation body.

Suitability: For new users of ionising radioactive sources and as a ‘refresher’ training for existing users.

However, this training cannot be used as the basis for appointment as a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS). A separate training course is conducted for this purpose (HS027).

Requalification / Refresher: Attend and complete this course as a refresher course once every 4 years.

Duration: 3.5 hours delivery time via Microsoft Teams live session, plus completion of an online knowledge quiz (open book) on QMPlus in attendee’s own time (approximately 30 min). 

Bookings: Please book on via the CPD Platform, if you have any issues gaining access please contact the IT Helpdesk. . Once booking confirmed, please access the Microsoft Teams course session using the Microsoft Teams link in the Outlook calendar invite that will be sent to you.

External organisations:  Open to attendees from external organisations but please note this course is geared towards Queen Mary. There is normally a fee chargeable to other organisations see Queen Mary e-Shop for details. Please complete the External Organisation Non-Accredited H&S Training Request Form.

Further Information: If you require any further details, please contact the HSD Helpdesk.

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