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A drone is an unmanned aircraft which is normally flown by a pilot from a distance using a remote control station.  They are used for a range of purposes both commercially and recreationally and their use has grown rapidly over recent years.  Within Queen Mary University of London (Queen Mary), they have been used to undertake aerial photography for research purposes and aerial filming for promotional videos and their use may potentially become more prevalent in future. 

As they offer such a range of uses, it is imperative that careful consideration is given to the safety aspects that are involved.  This includes situations where the activities will be undertaken directly by Queen Mary staff or students or by engaging external contractors to undertake the activity on the University’s behalf.

The following health and safety guidance has been developed for the use of drones in relation to Queen Mary activities.  In addition, there is a generic risk assessment that can be used and adapted to suit the activity for which it is being used.

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