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School of Geography

Internally-Funded Fellowships

QMUL Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Distinguished Visiting Fellows

This scheme enables scholars from around the world to spend up to one month visiting the Institute and the Faculty to engage with the particular thematic programme of activity. Past fellows hosted by the school under this scheme have included: Professor Charles Maier (Harvard), Professor Peggy Levitt (Wellesley), Professor Robert Lake (Rutgers), and Professor John Pickers (North Carolina – Chapel Hill).

School of Geography Distinguished Visitor

This is an internal scheme funded by the School of Geography to host visits from academics working in disciplines aligned with our research. In November 2018, the school will host Dr Arun Saldahna (Minnesota) under this scheme. Previous visitors have included: Dr Tom Cronin (US Geological Survey), Trevor Barnes (University of British Columbia), Geraldine Pratt (University of British Columbia), Nigel Roulet (McGill University), Ash Amin (University of Cambridge), Johannes Oerlmanns (University of Utrecht), Cindi Katz (City University of New York), William Ruddiman (University of Virginia) and Julie Graham (University of Massachusetts).

Visiting/Honorary Fellowships

Visiting Fellowships are non-stipendary posts suitable for visiting academics on sabbatical or interested in working more closely with researchers in the school. Honorary Fellowships are suitable for academics not currently affiliated with an institution, or for non-academics with a professional interest in our research. Please contact Andrew Loveland (, or a member of academic staff, if you would like to apply for one of these. A list of our current Honorary and Visiting Fellows is here.

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