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CRoLAC has supported a number of research projects and collaborations in and beyond QMUL. Our support takes different forms, from peer-reviewing works in progress and amplifying the works of our colleagues through research seminars, public lectures and book launches, to responding to the research needs of our civil society and policy partners. We are always keen to support exciting work so if you think there are ways we can support you, please get in touch!

For examples of projects that we have recently supported, please see below

Featured Projects 

Careers with Latin American Politics: Every year CRoLAC organises a student-centred careers event which showcases some of the career pathways available to students of Latin American politics and cognate subject areas, including comparative politics, geography, political economy, international relations and political sociology. In 2024, CRoLAC teamed up with the Mile End Institute (MEI) to showcase the work of our some of our alumni who are embedded within the Democracy and Participation team at the Coalition of Latin Americans in the United Kingdom (CLAUK). We hosted an engaging event in which the team spoke about their work supporting voter registration among Latin Americans in London.

LINES: Making Friends; Crossing Borders launched in 2023 at The Bloc, Queen Mary University of London. Drawing on research conducted as part of an ESRC funded project led by Dr Holly Eva Ryan, this public exhibition explored the politics of twinning, looking at the ways that translocal constellations of friends have come together to press for social change across a range of issue areas and global challenges. CRoLAC and Global Politics Unbound collaborated to offer media and communications support for this exhibition.

Vale? Is it Worth it? Directed by Marcelo Barbosa (Indianara, 2019. Mubi) and PPP’s Artistic Director Professor Paul Heritage, this film addressed the collapse of a mining dam that killed almost 300 people in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais and the impact of this tragedy on the arts and culture of this region. In Vale? five local artists from Minas Gerais share their experiences, grief, worries and hope with music, poetry, rap and circus performances. CRoLAC supported the UK premiere of the film at BLOC, QMUL.

Rethinking Territory from Below: Learning from Theory and Practice in Argentina was a Leverhulme project led by Dr Sam Halvorsen, which opened up new conversations about the geography of political transformation and the changing relationship between civil society and the state in Argentina. CRoLAC supported this project by hosting workshops.



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