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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

QuantumBlack Scholarship

A sponsorship opportunity for your MSc AI studies next year

QuantumBlack and the Office of AI are partnering to offer a financial support to students from under-represented groups in the technology industry to study a Masters in AI. 

QuantumBlack is the AI-arm of McKinsey & Company.

The programme 

The purpose of this programme is to help increase AI talent in the United Kingdom while supporting under-represented groups and improving diversity in the Tech industry. Selected candidates will be offered a full financial sponsorship to study toward their Masters in AI, including tuition fees (amount equivalent to domestic tuition fees) and living expenses coverage. They will also be given the opportunity to complete an internship with QuantumBlack at the end of their study year. 
Applications must be submitted by Monday 25th April, 2022 at midnight. 

How to Apply

Visit QuantumBlack’s website and submit: 
▪ A one page CV 
▪ A 500 words (max) essay clearly explaining what makes you an eligible candidate for this sponsorship, why you are passionate about AI and why we should choose you.

Application Criteria

You are eligible for this sponsorship if:
▪ You are part of an under-represented group in tech, particularly in AI. 
▪ You don’t have the financial means to complete a Masters independently. 
▪ You have an undergraduate degree in a STEM field, preferably in Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics. 
▪ You have a strong academic record. 
▪ You are able to demonstrate a passion for AI and big data, and a desire to work within the industry. 
▪ You intend to pursue a career in the UK

Selection Process 

The selection process will include:
1. An application review 
2. Virtual interviews to test your technical experience and behavioural skills 
3. A presentation on a project of your choice
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