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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Samantha Wilkinson


Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom



I am a Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University. I am an interdisciplinary researcher, and have undertaken research on a diverse range of themes, including: young people’s alcohol consumption practices and experiences; Airbnb; home care for people with dementia; and university students and conceptualisations of place. I completed a PhD in Human Geography at The University of Manchester (2012-2015). My doctoral research explored young people’s (aged 15-24) alcohol consumption practices and experiences. This research has made significant contributions regarding the centrality of care, intragenerational relationships, and atmospheres of music and lighting to children and young people’s drinking practices.



Wilkinson, S., Badwan, K. (2021) 'Walk this way : the rhythmic mobilities of university students in Greater Manchester, UK.' Mobilities, 16(3) pp. 373-387.

Wilkinson, S. (2019) '‘She was Like “Don’t Try This” and “Don’t Drink This” and “Don’t Mix These”’: Older Siblings and the Transmission of Embodied Knowledge Surrounding Alcohol Consumption.'

Young, Wilkinson, S., Wilkinson, C. (2019) 'Young men's alcohol consumption experiences and performances of masculinity.' International Journal of Drug Policy,

Wilkinson, S. (2018) 'Young people’s drinking spaces and Im/Mobilities: a case of ‘hyper’-diversity.' Journal of Youth Studies, 21(6) pp. 799-815.

Wilkinson, S. (2016) 'Drinking in the dark: shedding light on young people’s alcohol consumption experiences.' Social and Cultural Geography, 18(6) pp. 739-757.


Creative methods with children and young people, children's im/mobilities, identity, alcohol consumption
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