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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor John Wall


Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Childhood Studies, Rutgers University, United States



John Wall is Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Childhood Studies at Rutgers University Camden. He is founding director of the Childism Institute, a global collaboration dedicated to challenging children’s historical marginalization by transforming scholarly, social, and political structures and norms. And he co-founded the Children's Voting Colloquium, an international organization of scholars and activists working to eliminate all age barriers to voting. He is a theoretical ethicist who works in political philosophy, post-structuralism, and children’s rights. He is the author of Give Children the Vote: On Democratizing Democracy (2021), Children’s Rights: Today’s Global Challenge (2016), Ethics in Light of Childhood (2010), and Moral Creativity (Oxford 2005). He is editor or co-editor of the Bloomsbury Handbook of Theories in Childhood Studies (2023), Exploring Children’s Suffrage (2022), Children and Armed Conflict (2011); Marriage, Health, and the Professions (2002); and Paul Ricoeur and Contemporary Moral Thought (2002 and 2016).



Political philosophy, childhood studies, children's rights, childism, children voting
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