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School of Business and Management

Yang Zou

 Yang Zou


Yang Zou completed his undergraduate degree at China University of Geosciences. He then obtained his MSc with Distinction at the University of York, UK, where his major was in Accounting and Financial Management. Prior to his PhD, Yang Zou worked in management positions at Huawei Technologies, a world-renowned Chinese company.

Yang Zou's research interests are in corporate governance, corporate finance and corporate social responsibility (CSR), with a particular focus on the corporate governance of state-owned listed companies in China and their operations.


Yang Zou's study focuses on the progress of mixed ownership reform in Chinese state-owned listed companies and the impact this reform has had. The mixed-ownership reform has had far-reaching implications for China. While most Chinese scholars believe that this reform has been beneficial to Chinese state-owned enterprises, there are many experts and scholars, particularly from countries other than China, who disagree with this view, and Yang Zou's study aims to provide insight into the progress and impact of this reform and to inform policy-making in developing countries.


First Supervisor: Dr Evisa Mitrou

Second Supervisor: Dr Nick Tsitsianis


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